BMW WDS 10.0

BMW Wiring Diagram System WDS is used to view wiring diagram information, s a browser-based application running in Internet Explorer.

BMW WDS contains the following data:
- Wiring Diagrams
- Pin Assignments
- Component Locations
- Connector Views
- Functional Descriptions
- Measuring Devices
- Desired Values
- Help Texts
- Functional Tests

This file contains:

- System Requirements
- Installation Instructions

============ SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS =============================

Operating System:

- Windows 2000, XP or NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 and up
- 13 MB of hard disk space
- 32 MB of RAM recommended
- Screen Resolution: min. 800 x 600
- DVD Drive

Internet Browser:

- Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  Netscape is NOT supported
- JavaScript and CSS enabled
- Java enabled
  When using SUN Java Enviroment: Version 1.4.1 or higher
- Scripting of Java Applets enabled

Adobe® Plugins:

- Adobe® SVG PlugIn 3.0 or higher (for Wiring Diagrams)
============ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS =======================

1. Install Adobe® SVG PlugIn:

Note: For installing the Adobe® SVG Plugin on
your PC you need local administrator rights.

- Insert the DVD in your DVD drive.
- If open, please close your Internet Explorer
- On the DVD open the "install" directory
- Doubleclick the file "SVGView_XX.exe"
  (XX is the abbrevation for your language)
- Follow the on-screen instructions

2. Start the Application:

- Insert the DVD in your DVD drive.
  Internet Explorer should start automatically with a language selection page.
  If the DVD does not start automatically:
  - Start your internet Explorer.
  - Load the file index.htm from the DVD in your Internet Explorer.
- Choose a language.
- Choose a model.

© 2004 BMW Service

Models list:
BMW 7 E38 03/94-09/98
BMW 7 E38 ˝ 09/98
BMW 5 E39 12/95-08/98
BMW 5 E39 ˝ 08/98
BMW 3 E46
BMW 1 E87
BMW 3 E90, E91
BMW 5 E60, E61
BMW 6 E63, E64
BMW 7 E65, E66
BMW X3 E83
BMW X5 E53
BMW X5 E70
BMW Z4 E85
BMW Z8 E52

Catalogue type: Repair manuals
Regions: All regions 
Language: Russian
Operating system: WinXP, Windows 7/8/10
Disk amount: 1 DVD
Date: 12/2006 
Price: 25 USD

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Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0
Bmw Wiring Diagram System 10.0



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